Cannot save MS Office 2010 files directly to Open Drive

Originally from ticket #3359.

I am a new user. I cannot save MS WORD or EXCEL files directly to Open Drive. A message comes which which says it cannot save because the folder is "read only". In fact, when I do a "save as", the window does not even display my folders. How do I resolve this? I am an accountant and work with WORD and EXCEL all the time, so this is critical.


You should be able to open a document or excel file in OpenDrive web and save directly from there.

From your PC however there are currently issues with some applications that are unable to save directly into OpenDrive. We are aware of this issue and we are working to resolve this.

What I would suggest to resolve this is to save your work in a folder in your hard drive (or your desktop if that is more convenient) and set that folder to backup or sync with OpenDrive. This also allows you to make changes in the file directly in your computer and it updates on your OpenDrive.

Hope this helps!


Frank Edwards
Team OpenDrive

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    Justin Zaun

    We are having the same issue. We have tried opening files (File/Open) from Microsoft Office, the Adobe Suite of application and several others. The only application that was able to see and navigate to OpenDrive was Notepad. Is there any word or an ETA on when this will be resolved? Having the ability to open files and work directly from the network drive was a key selling point in our decision to use OpenDrive.

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    Goran Culjak

    This is not the solution you offer. The guide, written differently!

    This is not the solution you offer. The guide, written differently!

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    Maxim Zabigaylo

    This problem must be resolved as soon as possible because I bought the OpenDrive product trusting the promise to be able to work with the office applications without up/downloading files! What you suggest is not the solution!

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